IMG_1859 (2)Recently, my sisters hosted a wedding shower for Rachael, my youngest daughter. It was a gathering of three generations– aunts and in-laws, grammas and grandkids, babies in blankets and a rollicking group of Rachael’s college friends. 

On that sunlit afternoon, our guests mingled around a table set with summer salads and treats. We shared old family stories and heard about new jobs, new boyfriends, and new births. There was continuous laughter and a non-stop exchange of hugs.

When it came time for Rachael to open gifts, we clapped and hooted for the coffee makers and hot pads that would soon find a place in her first home. All the while, our guests kept visiting the table to enjoy another fruit cup or drink. Rachael couldn’t stop smiling. “I love you guys sooooo much…” she kept saying.

At the end of the party, I took a candle from the table and everyone began praying for my daughter: Lord, Bless our Rachael. Bless her marriage. Be with her as she begins this new journey…

When I remember Rachael’s shower, I can’t stop thinking about the table that anchored our celebration. The table, laden with food and light, became a gathering space-a place to rejoice and feast without ceasing. Near the table, lovingly wrapped gifts were opened, and laughter was shared. Around the table, we embraced gifts of family, friendship and faith.

As a Christian author, the table provides a beautiful metaphor for my vocation. As a writer, my primary role is to invite you, my reader friend, to the table of God’s presence. Through my books and blog posts, may you receive the food of encouragement. In the words I’ve penned, I pray that you will unwrap gifts of hope and celebrate your special place in God’s family. Most of all, I hope you see yourself in my stories and discover that you are loved, sooooo much, by the Lord. My name is Nancy Jo Sullivan and this is my author website. Welcome to the table.