Hello Web Traveler!

You’ve landed on the front porch of my home page.

Come sit awhile and make yourself at home.  I’m so glad you’re here!

 I can’t help but wonder what drew you to this site. Perhaps you’re an aspiring writer with dreams of publishing your own story. Maybe you’re a parent seeking encouragement or a weary caregiver in need of rest. Some of you may be searching for an inspirational speaker, an uplifting book, or a great idea for a retreat.

It’s nice to meet you, whoever you are.

If I may, let me introduce myself.

My name is Nancy Jo Sullivan. Born and raised in Minnesota, I’m a mama to three grown up girls and a brand new son in law. My oldest daughter, “Sarah” was born with Down’s syndrome, and after a brief stay on earth, she now resides in heaven. During her twenty-three years, Sarah imparted lessons of faith that continue to impact our lives.

These days, I spend my time writing books and giving retreats. As an author, I sculpture stories, chiseling away words until a blessing is etched.  For me, writing is both art and vocation, and I’m grateful for both.

As you make your way through these pages, perhaps you’ll see your story somewhere in mine.  Feel free to rest, read, and dream.  I’m so excited you’re here.